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The Cocktail Sour

A group of people having cocktails in Alcapulco, 1952. (Photo by Slim Aarons via Everyday I Show)

A jolly group listening to guitar serenades and drinking cocktails in Alcapulco, 1952. (Photo by Slim Aarons via Everyday I Show)

Sours are the taste of languid summer days: margaritas, daiquiris and pucker-y limed-up liquors. Lydia Reissmueller, who dreams up incredible cocktails and runs Tender Bar out of Portland, Oregon, gives us a few recipes to help you turn your favorite flavors into damn good sour cocktails.


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Aluminum Canoes

Aluminum canoe on the water. (Image courtesy Katie Barnes)

Paddling in a painted aluminum canoe in New Hampshire. (Image courtesy Katie Barnes)

An inexpensive alternative to hand-carved wooden canoes was inevitable (thank you, Mad River), but it was the end of WWII that precipitated the rush. In terms of production, it was a perfect storm of war-accelerated technology and idle airplane factories. In terms of demand, there was a new perception of and importance placed on leisure after the war, with young marrieds and their families enjoying their hard fought freedoms.

Fishing, and so canoeing and boating, was one of the activities that exploded in the 1950s – just look at any Kodachrome collection you can find and damn me if every third plaid-shirted man isn’t holding up a string of trout or stripers with his son in tow.


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Passage, Levens Hall, by Beth Dow

A topiary dreamscape. “Passage, Leavens Hall.” (Archival pigmet print by Beth Dow)

On a walk through Versailles, its maniacal grandeur is impossible to ignore. In the film The Shining, it is an endless maze with horror at every turn. It is a dark art that literally comes alive for Edward Scissorhands. This shear madness is topiary.


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