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Monthly Archives: September 2011


Spider webs cocoon a tree in Sindh Pakistan. (Photo by Russell Watkins via the UK Department of International Development)

Spider webs are stronger (and spookier) than kevlar. (Photo by Russell Watkins via the UK Department of International Development)

1. “Animals and plants build structures of incredible complexity without the energy-hungry high temperatures, pressures and toxic chemicals with which we process raw materials in this fossil fuel age, and without generating useless waste.” From Inspired, Naturally, Financial Times.


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Show Card Writing

Students of sign painting and show card writing.

Sign painting students try their hand at show card writing.

This post is an appreciation of one type of hand drawn signage: show card writing. Not Route 66 roadside signage, not painted shop signsgold leaf work or that by walldogs, not barns, not hot rod lettering, nor Wayne White (the guy who paints words on cheap oil paintings like the cover of Lamchop’s Nixon album); though they all have a place in this discussion and are cool as hell in their own way. This post is about those ephemeral show cards that you might find in the window of an off-price clothing store (of old) or in a grocery store advertising “Ground Chuck — $1.69 lb.” in blue and red letters eight inches high.