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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Stella Metallurgica Lux

Factory workers at Stella, circa 1940s. (Image courtesy of Stella)

Mid-20th century Stella factory workers. (Image courtesy of Stella)

What comes to mind when someone talks about authentic Italian manufacturing and a nearly century-old tradition associated with it?

One possible answer to this question is Stella, an Italian company born from an intuition of Gino Sgarbi and Girolamo Chiozzi. In 1924, sandwiched between the economic crises caused by two world wars, these two entrepreneurs decided to create a brand which became a guarantee of quality.


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Stifel Textiles

Logo of the Stifel Fabrics Company

Stifel fabrics logo.

J.L.Stifel and Sons, a textile manufacturing brand, was the foremost cotton production company in West Virginia from 1835 to 1956 and was known for quality, indigo-dyed cotton calicoes. Calico, one of the oldest cotton products around, was a popular plain weave textile in no more than two or three colors. Softer and thinner than canvas or denim but durable and affordable, it was once widely used in workwear clothing. Common motifs included polka dots, flowers and dotted lines as found in bandanas and ticking.