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On Not Selling Out


Frequent visitors to our store know that we very rarely offer discounts. Today, on Cyber Monday, the annual day of online discounts, might be a good time to explain why. We’d love to hear your thoughts at the end of this post.

Generally, I understand why discounts sound great (You: more products; us: more sales), but I don’t feel it’s the best solution for either of us in the long run. First, being against discounts doesn’t mean we’re against low prices. We regularly turn products down because we feel they’re too expensive. And we offer many items below the suggested retail price.


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The Art of Pie

A slice of homemade apple pie from the Blue Stove

A hearty slice of homemade apple pie from the Blue Stove, Brooklyn.

It’s an early rainy Tuesday morning at The Blue Stove in Williamsburg, but tucked inside the warm, yellow-lit cafe espresso machines whir, customers set up their laptop offices, and the smell of lightly burnt sugar wafts through the air. 

Rachel McBride, owner of the Blue Stove Bakery, wipes her hands on her apron and offers us coffee. She’s going to show us the secret recipe to her great-grandmother’s apple pie, just in time for Thanksgiving. “All the ingredients are in season, and I haven’t changed a thing about the recipe since it was written down,” she says.


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KM Redesign

Product origin and material

A good purchase can be defined in many ways, but largely it comes down to these two questions: Where did the product come from, and what is it made of?

The value we place on a product’s origin and material is why we’ve now integrated a Shop by Region and Shop by Material section into our website. These options are meant to equip you with valuable information about the product you want to buy before you buy it,  giving you knowledge about its quality, safety, environmental impact and the manufacturing conditions under which it was produced. The material and origin of a product also open up a beautiful world of art, tradition, skills, aesthetics, physics, engineering and many more.


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