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Fold a Pocket Square

How to Fold a Pocket Square in Two Points

Folding a pocket square with two points

Jay Arem and business partner Jack Fischman founded their men’s accessory line, the Knottery, over a shared love of telling jokes and menswear. Their designs include ties, belts, and that oldie-but goodie: pocket squares. “When I was wearing a pocket square eight years ago, my friends would look at me like I was crazy,” Arem said. The pocket square, developed originally as a handkerchief during Grecian times, “isn’t functional. I mean, I wasn’t wiping a woman’s tears with it.” He paused. “Not that I go around making women cry.”


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Plastic Bags

When they first hit supermarkets in 1977, check-out clerks and baggers everywhere were stopped, tapped on the shoulder, or accosted by their bosses. The new, lightweight plastic bags had arrived, and were about to change a lot more than just how we carried our groceries.

Recycling bags in 1972. (Image by Jim Olive, U.S. National Archives, Fort Smith, 1972)

Alternative plastic bag recycling. (Image by Jim Olive, U.S. National Archives, Fort Smith, 1972)


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Diner Mug

In historic diners on the East Coast (often modeled from or after railway dining cars) mugs are still the coffee-delivery system. On the West Coast one tends to find that cups and saucers are the norm in coffee shops. The diner mugs are pure Americana, but I got to thinking, what is the genesis of the classic bell shaped diner mug?

Michael Naples painting of a diner mug. (Image courtesy

Oil Painting by Michael Naples. (Image courtesy


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