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Care For Copper

Copper, with its distinctive gleaming amber surface and patriotic history, has many uses and benefits. As owners of copper wares and very familiar with its sensitive surface, we turned to an expert on the matter of cleaning and caring for copper: Mac Kohler, founder of Brooklyn Copper Cookware, the sole manufacturer of copper cookware in the United States. According to Mac, “Natural patinas take years to build up and some chefs have wares that are envy-inducing.” But if you want to get your copper shining again, here are his top tips.

Cleaning Copper with Ketchup and Salt

Equal Parts Ketchup and Salt Make Smudged Copper Shiny.


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Biercraft Brooklyn growler. (Image by Andrew Lamberson)

Growler community table. (Image by Andrew Lamberson)

Beer enthusiasts can be a touchy bunch. The inexorable rise of the microbrewery, and selling craft drafts to discerning drinkers, has spawned an industry of self-styled ‘beer sommeliers’, always quick to point out the rich complexities of the latest brews to anyone who will listen.  They tend towards an air of defensiveness that wine experts shed many vintages ago.

So it’s no surprise that the latest squabble within the beer community has not only come to a head, but threatened to froth over completely and make a mess of the bar.


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