Ballpoint Pen

Red Caran d'Ache ballpoint pen.

A Swiss-made Caran d’Ache retractable ballpoint pen. The red color indicates the red ink inside (same goes for blue and black models).

The Swiss company Caran d’Ache sells writing utensils for the price you can buy a decent car. Their pens are made out of gold, diamonds, pearls and other fine materials. I’d be too worried running around with a pen like this, or even keeping it in my drawer. Caran d’Ache also makes this straightforward but fine ballpoint pen. It is made out of steel and has a replaceable ink cartridge. I bought it on my last trip to Europe for less then fifteen Euros.

The logo is hidden underneath the metal clip. How subtle.

Steel Ballpoint Pen

This retractable pen is good for every day use, without having to deal with the frustration of the often malfunctioning plastic alternative. I wonder how many poorly made pens end up in the trash, long before the ink runs out.

Caran d'Arche

If you’re into color coordinating your notes, they also offer it in red, blue and other colors. The color of the pen indicates which color lead is inside.

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