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It’s hard to comprehend how pivotal a role charcoal has played in the development of ...

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Navajo Textiles

For over 300 years, Navajo weaving has been valued for its importance as a vital native art ...

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Hemp, A History

At the mention of hemp, pot and macramé are probably the first things that come to mind ...

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Plant-Based Plastic

Plastic is ubiquitous. There are few industries that do not make use of this durable ...

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Breaking the Mold, Part III

Handmade, local, organic – these words have permeated our collective lexicon over the ...

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Breaking the Mold, Part II

This morning when I took my coffee mug down off the shelf, I held it for a bit longer. I felt ...

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Breaking the Mold, Part I

Before I started working in the apparel and accessory industry, I didn’t give much thought ...

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Soft and smooth to the touch, with a luster associated with luxury, silk is also one of ...

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For a good part of their history, quilts have been a product of making due with less ...

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Care For Copper

Copper has many uses and benefits, and on top of it all, it boasts a gleaming amber surface ...

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Irish Linen

By sight, it’s hard to tell what differentiates “Irish” linen from any other common cloth ...

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Treeless Paper

Less than 150 years after trees were first commercially used to make paper, many ...

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Kashmir artisans worked wool in three distinct ways. The simplest required scrubbing ...

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Your first exposure was probably your parents slipping slabs of this fragrant wood ...

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Grains of Leather

The variations of leather are all in the grade. Whether you’re in the market for ...

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Care for Raw Denim

Inside the home of Katrina Klein, denim designer for New York label Rag & Bone ...

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Camel Hair

The original, wide lapel, double-breasted camel hair coat is still revered as ...

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The Story of Nylon

Organic chemist and science nerd Wallace Hume Carothers probably never projected ...

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