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Designing with Daylight

Twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of darkness. At this moment, the spring equinox, the ...

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Back to the Bath

Water. Heat. Time. These three elements form the basic foundations for bathing. Taking a ...

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Winter Blooms

Winter may be the season when our gardens rest and the great outdoors hides its brightest ...

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A Return to Sport

Recently, I started dragging my feet on the way to a workout. My excitement for fitness had ...

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Bernhard Fernow

I can only make out the skeleton of the cabin when we arrive: a V-shaped shadow ...

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Curated By Rabbit Island

When you’re stocking up on supplies for an island in Lake Superior, some three miles ...

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How to Tie a Fly

While the balmy days of summer are coming to an end, my husband and I are eager for ...

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Nautical Signal Flags

With history rooted in military maritime battle, Catholic missionary expansion and ...

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Grow Wild. Grow Free.

To be an ethnobotanist is to study the scientific relationships that exist between peoples and ...

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Campfire 101

Evidence suggests that man has been making fire for over 1. 2 million years, but practice ...

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Curated By Wax Surf Co.

“We’re as intense about surfing as we are about making surfboards,” says Tyler Jorgenson ...

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How to Master Knots

The measure of a good knot is not necessarily how easy it is to tie but to untie. Cue memory ...

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Make The Most of Summer

There’s nothing more anticipated than summertime lounging, whether on a lakeside ...

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Healing Herbs for Summer

While summer is the season to kick back and enjoy the longer days outside, the heat and ...

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Urban Composting

With the warm sun lingering longer outside our windows, I’m thinking about how the food ...

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Vintage Lawn Games

A few years ago, during a summer weekend away from the city, a friend picked up an ...

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Hiker’s Sammie Recipe

We made it through the winter, and the road less traveled is now calling our name ...

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KM Product Testers, Part I

Our products get taken out into the real world, where they’re tested and reviewed by ...

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