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Bind Your Own Book

“Books are part of our DNA, we have an ancient relationship to them,” says Leon Johnson ...

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Jens Risom

Born in Copenhagen in 1916, Jens Risom (pr. yenns REE-sum) created some of the most ...

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Art of the Brunch

Breakfast is pretty much everything. It’s the intention to start a new day. It’s the body’s ...

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Beginner’s Guide to Tea

Southerners serve it sweet and iced. The Japanese whisk it. The Brits guzzle it ...

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On Collecting

On a rubbed red tray that sits atop the bureau in my mother’s bedroom there is a collection ...

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Ettore Sottsass

A conversation on post-modernism can only go so long before mentioning the work of ...

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Favorite Reads of 2014

As the year wraps up, we hope you enjoy some of the most popular Field Notes of 2014, from ...

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Despite its highfalutin reputation, Cognac is actually a very drinkable spirit with a long ...

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Holiday Hosting

With endless parties to host and attend, the holiday season is not the most relaxing of ...

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The Art of the Gift

A couple of years ago, around holiday time, I took a virtual online tour of Candy Spelling ...

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Winter Blooms

Winter may be the season when our gardens rest and the great outdoors hides its brightest ...

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Ideas On A Plate

Enter Relae, a restaurant in Copenhagen’s ethnically diverse Norrebro district ...

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Florence Knoll

If you know Sterling Cooper Draper Price, you know Florence Knoll. At a time when ...

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A Return to Sport

Recently, I started dragging my feet on the way to a workout. My excitement for fitness had ...

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Silvia Song

Former architect-turned-artist Silvia Song was born in São Paulo, Brazil, raised in Los ...

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