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Sign Painting

Looking out the Kaufmann Mercantile studios and across the street toward a former factory ...

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Seafood Soup

A favorite dish of fishmongers in Marseille, bouillabaisse translates roughly as ...

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For a good part of their history, quilts have been a product of making due with less ...

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Steak Cuts

Steak has come a long way since the days of caveman feasts. The art of butchery ...

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Care For Copper

Copper has many uses and benefits, and on top of it all, it boasts a gleaming amber surface ...

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Beer enthusiasts can be a touchy bunch. The inexorable rise of the microbrewery ...

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Staplers are all too often saddled with the trappings of the mundane. ...

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Irish Linen

By sight, it’s hard to tell what differentiates “Irish” linen from any other common cloth ...

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Rabbit Hunting

The cool breeze snuck in through the old fly screen window and broke my deep slumber ...

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Fold a Pocket Square

The pocket square, developed originally as a handkerchief during Grecian times ...

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Plastic Bags

When they first hit supermarkets in 1977, check-out clerks and baggers everywhere ...

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Diner Mug

In historic diners on the East Coast (often modeled from or after railway dining cars) ...

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Drip Cone Method

Just as wine’s never just wine in France, in America, coffee’s never just coffee ...

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Split Wood

A person is not born loving (and yearning!) to mutilate logs, nor do they just know ...

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Treeless Paper

Less than 150 years after trees were first commercially used to make paper, many ...

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Conservationist Aldo Leopold once discussed the spiritual dangers in not owning a farm ...

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Kashmir artisans worked wool in three distinct ways. The simplest required scrubbing ...

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Your first exposure was probably your parents slipping slabs of this fragrant wood ...

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