Good Meat

Beef forequarter from Deborah Krasner's "Good Meat"

1. Top blade; 2. Shoulder tender; 3. Chuck tender; 4. Whole brisket; 5. Rolled beef navel; 6. Shoulder pot roast; 7. Short ribs; 8. Royal short ribs; 9. Chuck roll; 10. Rib primal. Image by Martin Nilsson courtesy of “Good Meat” by Deborah Krasner.

Ever wonder where to get a whole fresh lamb? If you had one how would you cut it up? Other than grilling the chops, how would you cook the rest of it? This book has everything you need to know about meat, whether you’re raising a pair of bleating babies in your own yard, bringing a cut sheet to the slaughterhouse, or buying meat at the grocery store. It teaches you how to find sustainable meat and how to dry-age steaks. There’s a sidebar about emotional hazards of naming animals destined for the table, and a section on the economics of raising backyard lambs, as well a couple hundred recipes to cook every part of the animal.

The recipes are comforting or exotic, salty or sweet: beef stews and roasted guinea fowl, rabbit sausage and bacon maple syrup popcorn. The culinary range is American, which is to say there’s a bit of everything. Some recipes are Italian, others Moroccan. There are Chinese ingredients as well as French, and others just sound delicious but are geographically un-placeable.

The animals the book covers are beef, lamb, pork, rabbit, poultry and eggs. It is comprehensive. You’ll learn how to choose cuts and keep meat. There’s a recipe for every single part of each animal — steaks, sweetbreads and every bit between and beyond.

Cover of "Good Meat" by Deborah Krasner. Published by stewart tabori & chang.

Cover for “Good Meat” by Deborah Krasner. Published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 2010.

The book is about cooking good meat better, and what you learn will help you appreciate each bite more.

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