New Products and More to Come

This week, we launched four new products on the theme of handwriting. Two kinds of pencils: the soft-leaded Palomino Blackwing, and the firmer Blackwing 602. Both of these are remakes of an old cult classic — the Eberhard Faber Blackwing, originally made in 1934 and reportedly the pencil John Steinbeck used. The man behind the remakes, Charles Berolzheimer II, is a sixth-generation pencil manufacturer. The Japanese graphite producers he works with have also been in the game for generations. The result is a pencil that pleases the ardent, protective fans of the original Blackwing, and the craftsmanship and obsession that went into developing and designing these pencils make it a perfect addition to the store.

We also began carrying Dux pencil sharpeners. A no-frills brass version that sharpens to three kinds of points, and one carved from an aluminum block. The company that makes these has been around since 1908 producing pencil sharpeners with perfected, hardened steel blades that last years. And once they aren’t sharpening as they used to the blades can be replaced, so the whole sharpener never has to be.

In addition, we launched seven seed packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library. Each seed is rooted in the history and soil of New York, and chosen because they grow well here. Also new is an apron born and bred in Los Angeles — a dapper herringbone pattern with the work ethic of real selvage denim.

The response has been great, and we’re working hard on curating a nice line-up of new, well-made products. We’ll be launching several new items every week. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date.

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