A selection of erasers from Things Organized Neatly.

A collection of erasers neatly organized.

Stapler of the Week
“For your stapling pleasure…”

Brand Name Pencils
“Pencils wanted! Drop me a line if you’ve got an unsharpened one!”

Things Organized Neatly (pictured)
Someone who shares my secret obsession

Medama Yaki
“Love fried egg, mostly sunny-side up, sometimes turn over, unusually poached egg.”

Strange Maps
The Map of One Arm Waving, Imperial Texas, Sudan’s Zoomorphic Cities, et cetera.

A group of vintage bone saws from Things Organized Neatly.

Antique bone saws as seen in Things Organized Neatly.

California Map

Strange Maps Western U.S.A.

Vintage Stapler, Zenith 551

Zenith 551 from Stapler of the Week

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