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KM Redesign

A good purchase can be defined in many ways, but largely it comes down to these two questions: Where did the product come from, and what is it made of?

The value we place on a product’s origin and material is why we’ve now integrated a Shop by Region and Shop by Material section into our website. These options are meant to equip you with valuable information about the product you want to buy before you buy it,  giving you knowledge about its quality, safety, environmental impact and the manufacturing conditions under which it was produced. The material and origin of a product also open up a beautiful world of art, tradition, skills, aesthetics, physics, engineering and many more.

By request of several customers, we’ve also added a section where you can search items by price. Just hover over the “Shop By” bar at the top of the page, or scroll to the bottom of the page to “GIFTS.”

Our hope is that this redesign will add more value to your experience of shopping with us, and re-establish our concern for the quality and craftsmanship of each item we choose to feature in our store.

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about these new changes. Please let us know what you think! We look forward to your comments, suggestions or questions!


Your KM Team

384 Responses to KM Redesign

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