Vintage Estwing Hammer

 Vintage Estwing hammer

Estwing hammer with leather handle.

A hammer, closely followed by a screwdriver, is one of the tools you will most likely find at everyone’s house. Most wouldn’t give their hammer a second look. But this can be changed easily.

Bottom of vintage Estwing hammer handle.

A view of the hammer’s sturdy handle bottom, stamped “Estwing.”

The Estwing family probably makes the best hammers you can buy. Founded in 1923 by Ernest O. Estwing (a Swedish immigrant), they still manufacture their hammers in Rockford, Illinois. I love that it says on their website that they want to make “attractive striking” tools. What a great company goal. I was happy when I found this Rip Hammer a few month ago at the Long Beach Antique Market.

Side view of an Estwing hammer head.

Detail of the hammer head.

With this hammer, head and handle are forged out of one piece. This makes it extremely robust, ensuring that you don’t have to fear the head flying off. The grip is made of thin leather discs, which not only makes the hammer particularly ‘attractive’, it’s also a great way to absorb shock. Estwing’s design prevents the discs from coming loose by pushing them into a triple-circle shaped pattern in the steel.

Handle of vintage Estwing hammer.

The Estwing’s head and handle are forged out of one piece.

I’m still trying to find out what year my hammer was made, but thankfully they still make them today – and we proudly carry them in our store.

Leather grip of an Estwing hammer.

Another view of the Estwing’s head and handle – I’ve never seen a hammer with such a narrow neck!

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