10 Best Beard Products for the Modern Gentleman

10 Best Beard Products for the Modern Gentleman

Photo by Atticus Radley for Hudson Made

The end of summer means something different to everyone — for some, it happily signals the beginning of fall. Enter crisp days with cooler temperatures, the transition to warmer clothes, leaves starting to change, and perhaps the return of the beard. That's right, it's time to embrace that facial hair again as we start moving away from these hot summer days. To get you equipped for the opening season of facial hair care, we rounded up the 10 best beard products for the modern gentleman, with everything you'll need to craft a well thought-out regimen.

A soap that acts as both beard shampoo and shaving cream

This multipurpose soap disc generates a lather that acts as both a gentle beard shampoo and a shaving cream when needed. It rinses away debris while leaving behind the natural oils of your beard and skin. It also tempers a bristly beard's texture while helping neutralize skin irritation. Plus, it's handcrafted with entirely natural, botanical ingredients — many of them sourced directly from local farmers in New York's Hudson Valley.

Hudson Made Beard & Shave Soap

A restoring and moisturizing beard shampoo

This damn fine beard shampoo removes impurities while harnessing the power of coconut oil, a natural miracle ingredient that restores moisture and softness into your hairs without leaving them looking or feeling oily.

Men's Society Damn Fine Beard Shampoo

Damn Fine Beard Shampoo by Men's Society, $12

A great-smelling shave cream

Reminiscent of a British gentleman’s club, this rich, hydrating shave cream keeps your skin in incredibly soft condition. Made in England, the alcohol-free formula is highlighted with pure notes of aged tobacco flower, tonka bean cocoa, frankincense, raspberry, precious woods, and a subtle undertone of soft suede.

St. James of London Shave Cream

Tonka & Tobacco Flower Shave Cream Jar by St. James of London, $25

A shave oil that's truly good for your skin

Designed to neutralize skin irritation, help with blood circulation, detoxify pollutants, and target signs of aging, this oil really does it all, thanks to a grounding blend of earthy spices that'll sooth your skin and mind. Use it independently as a beard moisturizer or as a pre-shave to give your skin an extra layer of protection.

Hudson Made Beard & Shave Oil

Cedar Clove Beard & Shave Oil by Hudson Made, $28

Photo by Atticus Radley

A balm for conditioning your beard

When it comes to softening and conditioning your beard, this high-quality blend will keep it shimmering without feeling greasy. Texas Beard Co. reminds us that oils and balms are very similar in that they both condition and style your beard, but a balm will do a little more to shape and hold it together. They suggest that an oil is usually enough for short beards, but that a balm will give a little more aid to longer, more wild beards.

Texas Beard Co. Beard Balm

Texas Beard Co. Beard Balm, $22

A go-to beard comb

This brass-plated styling comb is designed with the most glorious beards in mind. The teeth are perfectly spaced to control hair without snagging. Keep in mind that it would make a great gift for that friend who always rocks some solid facial hair.

Izola Beard Comb

The Long and Short of It Beard Comb by Izola, $20

An heirloom-worthy straight razor

With a full hollow handle made of faux ebony, this German-made straight razor has a rounded-edge blade design that makes it easier to use around your nose and mouth. Plus, a 5/8th thickness allows for an easier angle and glide while shaving. You'll really be treating yourself right with this special piece that's made with classic techniques to ensure it can be used for life and remains worthy to be passed down. 

St. James of London Straight Razoe

St. James of London Straight Razor, $260

A safety razor with class

For those of you who can't get down with the straight razor routine, this safety razor will give you that classy gentleman feel without the extra slice potential. Termed the "Cheeky Bastard," the elegant and handmade razor offers the perfect weight and balance for a superb shave and is available in three timeless handle options.

St. James of London Safety Razor

St. James of London Safety Razor, $115

A pewter shaving mug and brush that'll truly last

Wentworth Pewter reminds us that after the folding-handle straight razor made it practical for men to shave themselves rather than visit the barber every time, a shave set became a status symbol. Originally developed at a time when hot water was was hard to come by, the shaving mug has endured to become a conservative way to prep for a classic wet shave and lather. 

And just as important, the shaving brush eliminates the pre-shave routine of washing and applying lotion to your face. Moving it across your skin works as a gentle exfoliant, while lifting and softening hair for a smooth, close shave. Furthermore, it infuses your shaving cream or soap with water, creating a richer lather than you can achieve with your fingers. 

Wentworth Pewter Shaving Mug & Brush

Pewter Shaving Mug & Brush by Wentworth Pewter, $65 and $75 (respectively)

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Written by Paige Alexus Yau