5 Iconic Arne Jacobsen Clocks Revived for Today

5 Iconic Arne Jacobsen Clocks Revived for Today | Kaufmann Mercantile

As one of the most influential Danish architects and designers of the 20th century, Arne Jacobsen put his modernist stamp on the design world for more than 50 years. His designs led to enormous production runs, all based on a philosophy of creating well-designed, total concepts — and his clocks were no exception.

Lucky for us, after several years in exile with foreign manufacturers, Jacobsen's timeless clock designs have returned to Denmark to be carefully produced based on his original drawings. Architect and designer Teit Weylandt ensures that they accurately follow his iconic style and spirit, while adding modern alarm features to many of the designs. Read along to learn a little of the history behind 5 iconic Arne Jacobsen clocks revived for today — available to purchase here.

The Bankers Alarm Clock

Arne Jacobsen's table clock was first created in 1939. Its graphic look and metal base references elements seen in the architect's own The Ant™ chair (originally designed in 1952 for the canteen at the Danish Healthcare Company Novo Nordisk), as well as his Series 7™ chair (designed in 1955) — both produced by Fritz Hansen.

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Alarm Clock | Kaufmann Mercantile

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Alarm Clock in Black, $139

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Clock Drawing | Kaufmann Mercantile

From the creation of the Bankers Table Clock, now including an alarm feature. Image courtesy of Normode

Arne Jacobsen Series 7 and Ant Chairs by Fritz Hansen

The Arne Jacobsen’s Series 7™ chair (1955 - far right of image) and the Arne Jacobsen Ant™ chair (1952 - far left of image — in which some similar design elements can be found in the architect's Bankers Table Clock. Photo by Ditte Isager, courtesy of Fritz Hansen ; Styled by Christine Rudolph

The Bankers Barometer Weather Station Clock

In 1971, Jacobsen designed Denmark’s central bank Nationalbanken (National Bank of Denmark), known to be one of his most striking buildings. It was for this project in which the Bankers Wall Clock was born. This original design has now been turned into two forms of the Bankers Clock, one featuring a weather station.

Bankers Barometer Weather Station Clock

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Barometer Weather Station Clock

National Bank of Denmark | Kaufmann Mercantile

Denmark’s central bank Nationalbanken (National Bank of Denmark, 1971) — designed by Arne Jacobsen

The Bankers Wall Clock

The classic Bankers Wall Clock is another design that was born from Jacobsen’s work on the National Bank of Denmark in 1971. This simple design has remained faithful to his original drawings.

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock | Kaufmann Mercantile

Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock, from $239

The Station Alarm Clock

Jacobsen first created the Station Table Clock in 1939 in connection with a project he was working on for the electrical goods manufacturer LK. Since then, the table clock — with reference to the original drawings — has been updated to bring it in line with today’s standards for alarm clocks.

Arne Jacobsen Station Alarm Clock

Arne Jacobsen Station Alarm Clock, available here in five colors, from $129

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Written by Paige Alexus Yau