5 Ways to Welcome Summer From Home

While some beaches and local establishments are beginning to open for most of us, there are still lots of things that will require more time before they're fully up, running, and safe for visitors. This means a different type of Memorial Weekend, but we're not letting that discourage us from welcoming the season with open arms.  

Take it as an opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life — whether that's spending time in the backyard grilling with your partner and/or kids, or tending to your garden for hours on end. Consider these 5 ways to welcome summer from home (or at least without going far).  

5 Ways to Welcome Summer From Home

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1. Get your grill on

There's almost nothing better than taking your time on a nice piece of steak, or grilling those veggie skewers to perfection with a brew in hand. It's the perfect way to soak in some sun or gleaming night stars while delivering some legitimate meals to your table. 

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2. Camp out — in your yard

While most campgrounds will be slow to open, why not pitch a tent in your yard for a little makeshift excursion? The kids will love it and it will make for a nice change of pace. Feel free to go as simple or all-out as you like.  

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Click here for our simple guide to backyard camping.

3. Picnic time

Grab a few essentials for a casual meal outdoors in your backyard or at a quiet, remote spot. All you need is a cooler or tote to hold your snacks, a blanket to spread out on, some unbreakable tableware, and simple entertainment (we're thinking drinks and cards). 

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4. Spend some time in the garden

There's never been a better time to pick up a hobby, or refine a craft that's already in your wheelhouse. If you have any type of yard or balcony — big or small — consider trying your hand at gardening to keep yourself busy and inspired while reaping the rewards of creating something with your own two hands.

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5. Simply lounge

And finally, take the opportunity to just relax! Maybe you don't want to do anything besides lounge and look up at the clouds — and that's fine too. Grab yourself a floor cushion or bean bag to get comfortable wherever you decide to settle down for the day. And don't forget to recruit your furry friend to join you. 

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Try out these 5 ways to welcome summer from home — and much more — with our Welcome Summer Collection.


Written by Paige Alexus Yau