American-Made Grooming Brands You Have to Try

American-Made Grooming Brands You Have to Try

Freshen up wherever your weekend takes you with Hardworking Gentlemen's hair paste, clay, or wax.


At Kaufmann Mercantile, we celebrate small or family-run businesses that take pride in crafting natural, effective grooming products designed to be used every day, while seeking sustainable practices along the way. So, join us as we welcome two American-made grooming brands you have to try — starting in Southern California and moving over to Wisconsin.

Hardworking Gentlemen

Based in the laid-back, surf-centric community of Encinitas, California, Hardworking Gentlemen is made up of a couple of guys that develop high-performance, all-natural grooming products from their small warehouse. They believe in working hard and enjoying life while focusing on simplicity and sustainability to really nail the products we use on a daily basis — from body wash and shampoo to hand sanitizer and hair-styling products. As a small team, they believe in doing their part by helping eliminate toxic chemicals and single-use plastics in the products we use every day. And to top it off, their natural hair and body formulas are paired with sustainable packaging that features a clean, modern design.

Hardworking Gentlemen Hair Grooming Products

Hardworking Gentlemen's grooming lineup consists of natural products for your hair (shampoo, styling creams, and a texturing spray); skin (soap bars, hand sanitizer, body wash, and lotion); and even a natural deodorant. 


Hardworking Gentlemen Sea Salt Hair Spray

Their all-natural Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Spray ($18) is perfect for adding volume and grit to your daily style, along with a touch of their fresh pinewood scent.


Hardworking Gentlemen Soap

The organic recipe in the Forest Tonic & Juniper Soap ($10) uses ground juniper berries that naturally exfoliate and moisturize skin, leaving you feeling fresh. It's the perfect all-purpose bar for your face, body, and hands — repairing and hydrating your skin without any harmful sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or gluten.


Hardworking Gentlemen Natural Deodorant

The Natural Pinewood Deodorant ($14) is a non-irritating, odor-eliminating deodorant that flat-out performs. Made without aluminum, baking soda, parabens, or any other harmful ingredients, it goes on smooth without leaving residue or stains.

Shop Hardworking Gentlemen here.

American Provenance

Born from a fourth-generation family farm and a middle school science project, American Provenance is dedicated to cultivating healthy growth with the proper care and craftsmanship. To them, this means handcrafting high-quality, all-natural personal care items using minimal ingredients that are safe and effective for everyone. Their cruelty-free grooming products are handmade in Wisconsin without the use of harsh chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or artificial flavors. We’re especially fond of their natural deodorants, oils, masks, and shaving products.

 American Provenance Men's Personal Care Gift Set

American Provenance's Men's Personal Care Gift Set ($20) comes with three of their main staple products, including natural deodorant, body wash, and either beard oil or aftershave. 


American Provenance Natural Deodorant

Their best-selling Bio-Tube Natural Deodorant contains an aluminum-free formula that's housed in a recyclable and biodegradable cardboard tube — available in a bunch of great scents.  


AP Botanics by American Provenance

Their AP Botanics collection ($30 per product) was created by former wildlife biologist and science teacher Kyle LaFond, and features a line of high-quality, American-Provenance-made grooming products that are designed to fit effortlessly into your daily routine.

Shop American Provenance here.

Check out our entire grooming collection here. 


Written by Paige Alexus Yau

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