An Introduction to Spring Sneakers

One of spring’s simple pleasures, after months of wearing heavy boots necessitated by harsh weather, is sliding into a pair of fresh, light sneakers. Sneakers are likely already a part of your warm weather shoe rotation as offices have become more casual and/or simply allow you to work from home. And while we love a pair of simple canvas kicks, if you’re reading our Guide then you likely prefer something with more thoughtfully crafted than you might find at a big box sports store. 

Series 1 White Leather Sneaker

When looking for a perfect pair of casual shoes for spring and summer we recommend starting with shoes that feature lighter materials such as suede or light colored leather. A white sole also lends a classic look that fits perfectly with warmer weather and can be comfortably dressed up for special backyard get togethers. If you’re looking to add a pair this season look no further than our selection from Uniform Standard. Each pair is ethically made with recycled rubber soles and responsibly sourced leather. Uniform Standard crafts their footwear with “Gold rated” leather which means its materials rank among the best in categories such as environmental policies and procedures, water usage, and worker safety. Not only are these sneakers ethically produced but they are crafted to last longer and overtime mold to your foot so you’ll have a more durable and comfortable shoe that’s certain to never go out of style.

Series 2 Earth Suede

If you choose to invest in premium footwear then you’ll want to be prepared to care for them as you would any other investment piece. If you opt for a suede version such as the Series 6 in Gray Suede or the Model 2 slip on in earth then you’ll need a suede brush, suede eraser, paper towels, and white vinegar to keep your pair looking fresh. Begin by removing the laces if needed and giving the whole shoe a brushing so that the suede begins to soften again and is no longer matted down in any places. Then begin to work out any stains or smudges with the suede eraser. Like all erasers, this one will leave eraser shavings so we recommend doing this step over a cloth or paper towel. If any stains remain you can lightly dab or spray some white vinegar (or a dedicated suede cleaning solution) on the problem areas and brush them out again. Lastly leave your shoes out in a ventilated area to dry over night and they’ll be good to go. 

Series 1 White Vintage Leather Mens

If you elect for a white leather pair such as the Series 1 in Triple White or the slightly more subtle Ecru, the maintenance process is even easier as you can safely use more water to work out scuffs and stains without worrying about damaging the leather. As you did with the suede sneakers, begin by removing the laces. Then with a damp towel remove any dirt and marks from the surface. If there are any tough spots that refuse to get clean, use a wet magic eraser to get them looking box-fresh again. The magic eraser can also be used for the rubber soles of your sneakers on both the leather and suede options. 

Series 6 Triple Earth Nubuck Mens

After a long fall and winter in quarantine and with the hope of a more opened-up summer now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a fresh pair of Spring ready sneakers. Whether you opt for a classic suede slip on style or a more athletic looking white leather version you’re sure to reach for your pair for years to come as these classic kicks never go out of style. And with the fine craftsmanship of Uniform Standard they will stand the test of time.

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Written by Connor Roe.