Artisanal Brands from Around the World

Unlike most mass-produced products which can fall victim to fleeting market trends and sacrifice quality for quantity — artisanal, handmade goods are timeless mediums for storytelling, offering meticulous craftsmanship, bringing personality and richness to your home and daily routine. Because the beauty of artisanal goods is meant to be shared, we rounded up our favorite brands and makers that preserve and promote artisanal design traditions around the world.

le creuset cookware

Le Creuset — France 

Founded in 1925, Le Creuset has been synonymous with high quality, cast-iron cookware for as long as we can remember. Handmade in France using chip-resistant cast-iron and designed for optimal heat and moisture distribution, Le Creuset is unmatched in their design and performance — making every piece an heirloom you’ll want to keep in your family for years. 

Signature 6.75-Qt. Oval Dutch Oven

le creuset dutch oven

Le Creuset’s best-selling Dutch Oven is an essential kitchen item for cooks of all levels. The enameled cast-iron oven pot comes in a range of eye-catching colors and has a ton of uses in the kitchen — from slow-cooking and braising, to roasting, baking, frying, and so much more. 

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Signature 9.75" Deep Round Grill Pan

le creuset grill pan
Designed to bring the flavors of outdoor cooking to your stovetop, the Le Creuset Round Grill Pan is a convenient solution to grilling at home. It’s finished with a satin enamel that’s more low maintenance than raw cast iron and develops a natural patina over time for even better searing. The high ridges not only allow for super satisfying grill marks, but also allow excess fat to drain away from the food. 


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Obakki — Mexico + More 

obakki artisanal goods

A Kaufmann Mercantile favorite, Obakki is a purpose-driven lifestyle brand that connects people to world-class artisans from around the world, giving every handcrafted object a special meaning and resonance in your home. Obakki’s hand-woven rugs are made in partnership with weavers in Oaxaca, Mexico using traditional weaving methods that date back to the 16th century! 

Cuadros Jaspe Rug

obakki cuadros rug

The Jaspe Rug is meticulously hand woven using hand-spun wool ethically sourced from local sheep and made with natural dyes that give the rug its moody, cool tones. Made by Obakki’s artisan partners in Oaxaca, Mexico using ancient techniques, every rug carries the rich heritage of the communities in which they were made. 

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Zurcos Rug

obakki zurcos rug

The Zurcos Rug features a bold and refreshing print composed of varied black and white stripes, cut with rich golden yellow rectangles — making it a graphic addition to any space in your home. The handwoven rug features thoughtful details, like its minimal corner tassels, carefully crafted by Oaxacan artisans. 

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Dalgado — Germany + Italy 

dalgado leather goods

Dalgado is a German-based design studio that ethically crafts high quality leather goods and accessories designed to withstand the test of time. Championing quality over quantity, Dalgado goods are expertly made by German and Italian artisans and embrace a minimalist design that transcends fleeting cultural trends.  

Black Laurent Pebble Leather Belt

dalgado leather belt
Dalgado knows that a black leather belt is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, so they’ve worked hard to perfect their take on a sartorial classic. The minimal black belt is handmade in one of the oldest belt factories in Germany using high-quality leather sourced from Tuscany, Italy — merging the best in craftsmanship and materials.


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Cognac Gilberto Braided Suede Belt

dalgado gilberto braided belt

The braided design on Dalgado’s Gilberto belt will never go out of style. Made of fine Italian suede leather for an ultra-soft feel, the Gilberto Braided Belt delivers on comfort and a modern, casual style that’s perfect for everyday wear. 

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Pony Rider — Australia 

pony rider artisanal goods for slow living

Founded in 2009, Pony Rider is an Australian homeware brand specializing in creative homewares and accessories that celebrate the outdoors, and a free spirited, creative lifestyle. Made with organic fabrics, local mills, and using eco-conscious recycling practices, Pony Rider goods are sustainably crafted with minimal environmental impact. 

Adventure Made Slouch Bag

pony rider slouch bagThe perfect companion for all your adventures, the Pony Rider Slouch Bag is made using ultra-durable aged cotton and features a roomy interior perfect for all your essentials. Designed to deliver on wearability and function, the bag has dual straps and can be worn comfortably as a backpack or carried over your shoulder like a tote — ensuring that it can handle any situation life throws at you! 


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Rusty Desert Lil Safari Stripe Cushion Cover

pony rider cushion covers

We love the classic Californian vibe of the Pony Rider Rusty Desert Cushion Cover. Made in Australia with 100% pure cotton, the earthy, golden tones on this striped cushion cover will bring warmth and coziness to your home and living space. 

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Master Shin's Anvil — Korea

master shin's anvil

A family business established in 1845 in Anseong — a South Korean city known for its brass, iron, and stone goods — Master Shin’s Anvil produces handmade knives and farming tools. Headed by Master Shin In-young, the oldest blacksmith in Korea, Master Shin’s Anvil is the only brand using traditional knife-making techniques of attaching steel sheets to clay. 

Master Shin #60 Small Kitchen Knife

master shin's small kitchen knifeMade by hammering steel sheets thousands of times to reach a thin, razor-sharp edge, Master Shin’s Knives maintain their sharpness over time, and don’t have a beveled edge typically seen in Western and Japanese knives. Unmatched in quality, Master Shin’s knives have an X branded onto the wooden handle, a tradition seen in Korea to distinguish high quality knives. The Small Kitchen Knife is a handy, essential tool for any home cook — and one they’ll want to keep in the family for generations. 

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Master Shin #63 Vegetable Knife

master shin's vegetable knife

Master Shin’s Vegetable Knife features a rectangular blade made from ultra-durable steel used to make railroad tracks, and a chestnut wood handle that’s been slowly sun dried for a lightweight yet durable feel and rot-resistant finish. The large blade is perfect for efficiently dicing, chopping, and prepping your favorite vegetables, and is sure to become your new favorite kitchen tool. 

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Craighill — United States 

craighill artisanal goods

Founded in 2015 by designer Hunter Craighill, Craighill is a Brooklyn based design studio that creates timeless functional objects that are smart, stylish, and sensorial in nature. Driven by curiosity and ingenuity, Craighill products call users to reconnect with the built world and derive joy and pleasure from the objects they use every day. 

Carbon Black Ripple Opener

craighill ripple bottle opener

A reimagined take on traditional church-key style bottle openers, the Craighill Ripple Opener features a unique wavy design that makes it satisfying to hold and even more satisfying to use — offering an ergonomic and efficient bottle opening experience. It’s also available in brass and stainless-steel finishes. 

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Jack Puzzle  

craighill jack puzzle

A favorite of Craighill’s range of ingenious desktop puzzles, the Jack Puzzle is composed of 6 differently notched brass bars that interlock to create the completed puzzles’ jack-like shape. Made of solid cartridge brass, the Jack Puzzle is a challenging brain game, useful desk accessory, and stylish decorative object all in one. 

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