Creating Your Backyard Oasis

Cowboy Cauldron at Knob Creek Distillery

The backyard has become an oasis for us all. A respite from the stresses of the outside world and a place for quiet contemplation. In the mornings, with coffee and notebook in hand and a blanket thrown casually over our shoulders, we emerge from the house and sit comfortably outdoors to plan the day. As the sun lowers over another productive Friday, our friends and family already know where to go. With wine in hand they arrive at our backyard oasis. The fire is lit, friends gather around the charcuterie and talk over cocktails and snacks in anticipation of the grilled food to come. 

As we slowly return to normal (whatever that might mean) and gear up for a summer of sipping local brews on a tavern patio, let’s not abandon the backyard oasis. With the investment made to turn it into a hub of relaxation and entertainment for friends and family, there will always be a need and desire to return to a cozy backyard space. If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor space, here’s what we’d recommend: 

The Essentials: 

Every backyard needs a focal point to gather around, and we can think of none better than the Dude from Cowboy Cauldron. Not only will this piece begin to replace your grill for your outdoor cooking needs, but it acts as the perfect gathering spot for your guests at all of your backyard BBQs and happy hours. 

The Dude from Cowboy Cauldron

The Dude fire pit from Cowboy Cauldron, $999.00

When there’s a smaller group or simply a more relaxed gathering, it’s important to have some comfortable but tough seating. We can’t recommend the Between the Lines Deck Chair & Foot Stool enough as the perfect, outdoor lounge furniture. 

Between the Lines Deck Chair & Stool

Between The Lines Deck Chair, $959 & Deck Stool, $499 from Skagerak

Lastly, when the sun goes down and the light from the fire needs a little help to keep the party going, you can set the perfect mood for a backyard hangout by stringing up some rechargeable lanterns from our friends at Barebones Living. The Beacon Rechargeable Lantern gives over 200 hours of use on low (there's a dimming option that  allows you to control the brightness of the light it emits) and thanks to its carabineer top and sturdy base, can easily hang or stand on its own.

Beacon Rechargeable Lantern 

Barebones Living Beacon Lantern, $45.00. Choose from 3 colors - antique bronze, red & copper.

For your morning ritual:

At Kaufmann Mercantile, we’re big fans of ritual and slow living. We can think of no better embodiment of these values than our morning coffee routine. The old ways, though slower, are often the best, so we recommend putting a kettle on for rich full-flavored, pour over coffee.

Demi Teakettle and Two Mug Set


Demi-Tea Kettle and 2 Mug Set from Le Creuset, $75.00

White Ceramic V60-02 Pour-Over Coffee Mug

Pour Over Mug from The Coffee Registry, $24.50

We also like a notebook in hand for those quiet morning contemplations and getting organized for the day ahead.

Medium Leather Notebook from Ezra Arthur

Medium Leather Notebook from Ezra Arthur, $65.00

Rob roy buffalo check throw

Rob Roy Check Throw Blanket from Amana Shops, $80.00

For enhanced comfort, we recommend a full kit from Rhone, their tops & shorts, works just as well for day planning as they do for workouts. Some Danward slides left by the backdoor complete the vibe. 

For outdoor entertaining: 

As friends gather in the evening air and await dinner fresh from the grill attached over the Cowboy Cauldron, make sure they’re taken care of with a spring cocktail in outdoor safe cups

Cocktail Canteen Kit

Cocktail Canteen from W&P, $40.00

Charcuterie can be served conveniently and aesthetically from Olivewood’s cutting and serving board. And if you’re on the receiving end of an invite to a backyard get together, don’t show up empty handed. A stylish wine carrier looks great with a summer shirt from Samson’s Emporium and some made-to-be-worn sockless slip-ons from Uniform Standard

Blackened Handle Cutting & Serving Board

Blackened Handle Cutting & Serving Board from Olivewood, $115


Waxed Canvas Wine Carrier from Orox Leather Co., $80.00

Uniform Standard Series 2 Earth Suede Slip on Sneaker

Series 2 Earth Suede Slip on Sneaker from Uniform Standard, $208

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Written by Connor Roe

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