How to Make the Perfect S’more While Camping

How to make the perfect s’more while camping

Photo by Sea Island Forge

Last week, we rounded up some simple backyard camping tips and essentials for those of you wanting to keep it close to home (due to many parks remaining closed or only opening in phases). Whether you’re determined to make the trek to any campground you can find open, or will be keeping it local at your backyard firepit, you’ll need these tips on how to make the perfect s’more while camping.

There’s something about making a s’more over a campfire that’s nostalgic, relaxing, and thrilling all at the same time — an activity that’s bound to pique the interest of both kids and adults alike. And while it’s a classic treat that’s pretty simple to make, there are definitely some tricks to crafting the perfect s’more.

What you'll need:

1. A stick or skewer

This can be as fancy or basic as you want. Just make sure you can safely stick a
marshmallow in the fire with it. Try these hand-twisted roasting forks from Sea Island Forge, featuring removable handles and a canvas quiver for storing them when not in use.

S'mores Roasting Forks | Kaufmann Mercantile

Roasting Forks & Quiver by Sea Island Forge

2. A comfortable spot to sit

Our whole team is raving about these khaki canvas floor cushions (inner cushion not included). It's the perfect landing pad for taking a load off while enjoying your handiwork.

Pony Rider Campfire Cushion | Kaufmann Mercantile

Camp Fire Floor Cushion by Pony Rider

3. Graham crackers

Pick up a simple box of grahams from your local market or go the homemade, farm-to-table route with these crackers from Frog Hollow Farm — made in their small-batch kitchen based in Brentwood, California.

Frog Hollow Farms Graham Crackers | Kaufmann Mercantile

Graham Crackers by Frog Hollow Farm

4. Chocolate

It’s best to use milk rather than dark chocolate if you’re looking for that deliciously melty result (thanks to its higher cocoa butter content). However, if you’re vegan or a die-hard dark chocolate fan, dark will do the job as well.

If you really want to go all out, try this Marshmallow Crisp Milk Chocolate Bar by Compartés, made in their Los Angeles chocolate kitchen.

Compartes Chocolate | Kaufmann Mercantile

Marshmallow Crisp Milk Chocolate Bar by Compartés

5. Large marshmallows

Lots of gourmet marshmallows have made their way to the sweets market over the last few years, including vegan varieties. We recommend checking out Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company, handmade in small batches in the Hudson Valley using all-natural ingredients.

Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co | Kaufmann Mercantile

Gourmet Vanilla Bean Marshmallows by Hudson Valley Marshmallow Company

The steps:

Break your graham cracker in half.

Put your chocolate on top of one of the graham crackers. You want the cracker to be a bit wider than the chocolate (this will make it somewhat less messy when the chocolate starts melting). If you want the chocolate to be extra melty, place them closer to the fire so the chocolate warms up.

Roast your marshmallow over the campfire. We like to do a slow roast a few inches above the red coals, keeping a slow, steady rotation. Try not to put the marshmallow directly into the flames.

Once your marshmallow expands and reaches a nice caramel brown on the outside, put the marshmallow on top of the chocolate and graham cracker and place the other cracker on top of the marshmallow, and pull it off the stick.

That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your perfect s’more.


Check out this resource to see which campgrounds in your area are open and closed, as well as helpful details on partial re-openings and what to expect.

And make sure to take a peek at our camping collection.


Instructions written by Dani Howell