How to Re-Wax Canvas Bags and Gear

How To Re-Wax Canvas Bags & Gear - Sturdy Brothers Waxed Canvas Apron Behind the Scenes Process on Kaufmann Mercantile

Behind-the-scenes from the Sturdy Brothers workshop — applying their waxed-canvas technique to their aprons

Waxed canvas is durable and water resistant, but if you use your favorite jacket, bag, or apron frequently, you'll need to maintain it. Here's a quick guide that'll walk you through how to re-wax canvas bags and gear.

Thankfully, this process is actually surprisingly easy. All you really need is some wax and a few common household products.

By re-waxing your canvas, you’ll help restore the fabric’s initial color, re-waterproof the material, and increase its longevity and durability.

What you need
  • Wax
  • Hair dryer
  • Lint roller
  • Optional cloth

The Sturdy Brothers waxed-canvas process continues. While we'll leave the craftsmanship to experts like them, this practice of re-waxing can help revive your waxed-canvas goods if you've worn them down to the bone — giving them life again for more years of use.


Before you get to re-waxing, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a clean surface. Wipe off any dirt with a brush or cloth. Then, go over the canvas with a lint roller (this helps pick up any remaining debris). Finally, if there’s any dirt that won’t come up, lightly spot-clean it since anything you put wax over will stay on the canvas.

Give your bag time to dry.

Sturdy Brothers wax

The wax that Sturdy Brothers uses to handcraft their aprons and accessories


Once you have all your supplies ready to go, it’s time to start. First, you need to warm up the wax. You can do this with your hands or a blow dryer. You just want to soften it up a bit so that the wax is nice and malleable.

Next, slowly add the warmed-up wax to your bag, starting with an inconspicuous spot to make sure you like the way it looks. Once the wax is on the bag, rub it in by hand or with a clean cloth.

Apply the wax, rubbing it in by sections to make the process less overwhelming. Be sure you’re applying an even coating of wax across the canvas, and don’t over do it with the amount of wax you use. You just need enough to cover the material.

Once the wax is evenly applied, take the blow dryer and warm the wax on the bag, continuing to rub it in. By heating up the wax, the canvas will absorb it better and the bag will look smoother.

If any wax gets on zippers, leather, or other non-canvas materials, just wipe it away.

Now that you’re done, leave the newly re-waxed canvas bag, jacket, or apron to sit for at least a few hours — ideally, overnight.

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Written by Dani Howell