Leather Goods by Tefors That Represent the Craftsman's Journey

Leather Goods by Tefors That Represent the Craftsman's Journey

Originally born as a Kickstarter project, Tefors — also known as Temporary Forevers — is a band of travelers, designers, and makers who create thoughtful leather goods and accessories with an exquisite attention to detail. Each bag, wallet, camera strap, and desk accessory is designed with functionality and simplicity in mind, and handcrafted by artisans with over 20 years of experience.

But what really won us over about Tefors is their perspective on the journey. They believe the process of making their leather bags is just as important as the finished product. When they design their pieces, they source inspiration from their experiences, adventures, and the things they see on a daily basis. Therefore, each product is a “representation of the growth and improvement of the craftsman’s set of skills throughout its career span.” And these creations come from a diverse design background, based on the belief that “those not aware of their industry limits can break through the known and add a new perspective to a leather-making craft bound by established tradition.”

The result is a line of heirloom-quality accessories that are imperfectly perfect, featuring design elements that go far beyond what’s expected from leather goods. Scroll down to see for yourself, and shop their collection here.

 Tefors Union Line Duffel Bag | Kaufmann Mercantile

Tefors bags are designed to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle, whether that means going from the office to the gym or setting out on joy rides or overnight work trips. Case in point, the Union Line Duffel Bag can be carried by the handles when you're in a rush, worn as a messenger bag in crowded places, or used as a backpack to travel.


Tefors Switch Bag | Kaufmann Mercantile

The Switch Bag can be used to pack your laptop and files, throw in a change of clothes for an overnight stay, and keep your camera gear handy. 


Tefors Union Line Pack | Kaufmann Mercantile

The Union Line Pack is the truly versatile daily bag — comfortable enough to be carried as a backpack, but easily adapted into a messenger bag or briefcase for those impromptu business meetings.


Tefors Camera Compartments | Kaufmann Mercantile

The Backpack and Union Line Pack just couldn't get any better for the photographer and traveler alike. Internal dividers let you organize your belongings in a way that works for you, and an instant access pocket means that you can grab your camera right away — even when carrying it as a backpack.


Tefors Belts Sketches | Kaufmann Mercantile

With belt buckles not having changed much over the years, Tefors went back to the drawing board to make a unique and functional design that has four different styles in one.


Tefors Belt Buckle Process | Kaufmann Mercantile

Each buckle is precision-cut from a solid block of brass that's two centimeters thick. It's then hand-polished three separate times and manually welded in Italy — combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge CNC machines.


There's so much more to see from Temporary Forevers. Shop the rest of their collection here, including wallets, mouse pads, and camera straps and cases.


Tefors Accessories | Kaufmann Mercantile

Shown here: Tefors Leather Minimalist Wallet, Leather Mouse Pad, and Reinvented Leather Belt


Written by Paige Alexus Yau