Picnic Accessories

Grab a few essentials for a casual meal outdoors in your backyard or at a quiet, remote spot. All you really need is a cooler or tote to hold your snacks, a blanket to spread out on, some unbreakable tableware, and simple entertainment (we're thinking drinks and cards). But if you really want to go all-out, consider a serving board, stackable shot glasses, and maybe even a strap for your camera.

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Porter 15oz Glass
Cozy Carrier Solo Felt Turmeric
The Old Fashioned
SB Leather Coozie
Porter Seal Tight 24 oz Bowl
Cozy Carrier Duo Felt Black
Porter Straws
The Picnic Knife
Arco Cutting & Serving Board
Waxed Canvas Wine Caddy
Amana Weave Cotton Throw
Porter 20oz Bottle
Amana Weave Tote
The Gin & Tonic
Eco2 Tote
Cotton Beach Blanket
Lily Cotton Throw
Amana Weave Cotton Placemats