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Discover the pocket-friendly, multi-purpose tools and gear you need for everyday carry (EDC) including versatile pocket knives, tool kits, functional keychains, pens, and flasks.

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Getaway Natural Tote
Double Pocket Wallet Seahawk
No. 8 Classic Bifold Wallet
No. 4 Slim Bifold Wallet
Cash Fold Deluxe
Dry Bag Liner
Adventure Made Slouch Bag
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Small Forest Green Market Tote
Small Nylon Tote / Back Pack in Print
Small Nylon Tote / Back Pack in Black
Small Nylon Tote / Back Pack in Blue
Midsize Nylon Tote Bag with Internal Pochette
Mid-Size Nylon Bag with Internal Pochette
Minimalist Leather Wallet
Leather Messenger Bag
Leather Backpack
Case Backpack
Gray Cross Body Satchel