Everyday Carry

Discover the pocket-friendly, multipurpose tools and gear you need for your everyday carry (EDC), including wallets, money clips, keychains, flasks and bottles.

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Ceramic Flask
Tool Pen
Pewter Pocket Flask and Leather Pouch
from $89.00
EDC Pry Bar
from $20.00
Handcrafted Leather Key Holder
Cash Fold
Jumper Cable Bag
from $118.00
Duo Leather Sunglasses Case
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The Picnic Knife
Porter Bottle Brush
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Black Handmade Ceramic Growler
Custom Engraved Pewter Pocket Flask
from $65.00
A5 Memobottle
Stash Capsule
Slim Memobottle
Mexican Leather Bifold Wallet II
from $49.00
Leather Captive-Top Pewter Flask
Pewter Pocket Flask
from $75.00