førs studio


Introducing førs studio, a company dedicated to creating poetic objects for essential living — objects that bring joy and infuse soulful meaning into our everyday. Passionately designed in Canada, with an uncompromising commitment to people and sustainable practices, førs stands on the simple philosophy that enough is plenty.

Founded by close friends Vanessa Eckstein and Parisian Muriel Solomon, who share an ethos around community, humanity and the moments that carry true meaning. Channeling their passion and expertise in the fields of design, hospitality, culture and travel, they created a homeware brand that celebrates the rituals and shared moments that connect us to ourselves and the people we love.

22 products

Medium Cup 2 Pack
Medium Plate
Salt & Pepper
Serving Bowl Set
Shallow Serving Bowl
Short Pitcher
Slanted Serving Bowl
Small Plate
Small Teapot
Small Tea Set
Switch Bowl
Carafe & 2 Cups Set
Carafe & Cup Set
Complete Carafe & Cup Set
Deep Serving Bowl
Large Bowl
Large Cup
Large Plate