Dig into the dirt and experience the joys of gardening with tools made to last including weeding tools, trowels for digging, garden shears, and other essential tools.

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Denim and Leather Street Apron
Potter's Split Leg Canvas Apron
from $143.00
Full Grain Leather Apron
Small Canvas & Leather Tool Roll
Candiani Denim and Cork Bag
from $103.00
Homestead Print
from $10.00
Firewood Carry
Orville Overlander Tool Roll
Orville Waxed Canvas Tool Roll
Jack Selvedge Natural Denim Apron
MacBeth Women's Waxed Canvas Apron
Charles Master Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron
Charles Waxed Canvas Apron
Orville Master Tool Roll
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Japanese Nata Tool