Hardworking Gentlemen

Hardworking Gentlemen is a small brand based in Encinitas, California where a couple of guys work together out of a small warehouse, developing high-performance, all-natural grooming products right there in Southern California. They believe in working hard and enjoying life, focusing on simplicity, sustainability, and really nailing the products we use on a daily basis. As a small team, they believe in doing their part to help eliminate toxic chemicals and single-use plastics in the products we use daily. Check out their natural formulas for your hair and body, paired with sustainable packaging and a clean, modern design.

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Hydrating Hand Sanitizer
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Texturizing Sea Salt Hair Spray
Forest Tonic & Juniper Soap
Light Hold Hair Paste
Medium Hold Hair Clay
Moisturizing Hemp Lotion
Natural Body Wash & Shampoo
Tea Tree Charcoal Soap
Firm Hold Hair Wax