Wood Mood

Two Wooden Candles Set: Dark Woods

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Bestseller set of WOOD MOOD candles. Black Volcano candle and rustic Rocky candle in bark are perfect for gifting and serve as a premium table decoration. The black Volcano candle is burnt (not painted) and covered with natural beeswax for protection against dirt. Fresh and mature scent of spearmint creates magical atmosphere in combination with farmer's beeswax and ashed wood base. Warm woodsy aroma of cedarwood with balsamic notes of honey soothes and empowers.
  • handcraft production in the very heart of Europe
  • finest essential oils
  • pure beeswax from ecologically clean area
  • sustainable packaging without plastics
  • candles can be easily refilled
  • Burn time: 2 units by 24 hours each

Size5.9" (H) X 3.5-4.5" (W)

MaterialsWood, Beeswax, Pure Essential Oil, Natural clay

Care Instructions:  On the first use, establish a full side-to-side wax pool to set the size of each subsequent melt. For best burn result, trim the wick to 3/8 inch before each use. Don't burn more than 4 hours at a time. Keep your candle free of foreign objects and never leave it unattended.

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Wood Mood Two Wooden Candles Set: Dark Woods Two Wooden Candles Set: Dark Woods Kaufmann Mercantile

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