Hudson Made

If you’re looking for American-made farm-to-body botanical skincare with the cleanest natural ingredients, then Hudson Made may just become your new favorite. Everything they do is thoughtful and environmentally conscious—from their sourcing and production to their products and packaging. With a focus on helping preserve our planet and respecting the power of nature, they partner directly with local farmers in New York’s Hudson Valley and even organically grow some of their own botanicals. Each grooming and beauty product they make is free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemicals and is filled with plant- and flower-sourced ingredients. It doesn’t get much purer than that.

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Morning Shift Liquid Body Wash
Morning Shift Body Bar Soap
Morning Shift Liquid Hand Soap
Cedar Clove Beard & Shave Oil
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Cedar Clove Beard & Shave Soap
Worker's Soap
from $18.00
Arnica Repair & Healing Balm
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Morning Shift Hydrating Facial Mist
Citron Neroli Beard & Shave Oil
from $28.00
Juniper Myrrh Beard & Shave Oil
from $28.00