This sleek, flat bottle is designed to change the way you drink water. After Melbourne, Australia-based co-founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt noticed how harmful the effect of disposable plastic water bottles is, they took it on themselves to make a product that would allow each of us to protect the environment in a convenient way. The two came up with a water bottle that's reusable, minimalist, and made to fit where other bottles don’t. And since the initial design, they’ve been creating companion products to make eco-friendly drinking even simpler. 

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A5 Memobottle
A6 Memobottle
A7 Memobottle
Slim Memobottle
A5 Memobottle Nude Leather Sleeve
A5 Memobottle Tan Leather Sleeve
A5 Memobottle Black Vegan Sleeve
A6 Memobottle Black Leather Sleeve
A6 Memobottle Nude Leather Sleeve
A6 Memobottle Tan Leather Sleeve
A6 Memobottle Black Vegan Sleeve
A7 Memobottle Black Leather Sleeve
A7 Memobottle Nude Leather Sleeve
A7 Memobottle Tan Leather Sleeve
A7 Memobottle Black Vegan Sleeve
Black Leather Memobottle Lanyard
Tan Leather Memobottle Lanyard
Black + White Memobottle Lid Pack