Skeppshult Cast Iron Cookware

Skeppshult’s 100 yr old foundry produces professional-grade cast iron cookware with the high quality iron ore produced right at home in Sweden. Over its generations of expertise, Skeppshult has perfected the shapes of their cookware, as well the sand moulds’ unique composition to withstand the high temperatures and provide the right structure to cast the iron. Skeppshult’s cookware and spice grinders with European walnut accents are both functional and heritage pieces to last a lifetime.  

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9" Pancake Pan
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Skeppshult Casserole with Lid
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Skeppshult Cubic Mortar and Pestle
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Skeppshult Egg Frying Pan
Skeppshult Järn Individual Service Cocotte
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Skeppshult Järn Roasting Pan with Lid
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Skeppshult Little Swing Pepper & Spice Mill
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Skeppshult Mustard Seed Grinder
Skeppshult Mustard Seed Grinder Ball
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Skeppshult Salt & Pepper Shakers
Skeppshult Swing Salt & Spice Bowl
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