Homemade Tortillas

Easy, Step-by-Step instructions on how to make the most delicious, homemade corn tortillas. Made even easier with the aluminum or cast-iron tortilla press from Verve Culture.


Masa Harina Flour

 Mix equal parts masa flour & water (2 cups flour and 2 cups warm water makes approx. 24 tortillas), or follow instructions on masa flour packaging. Do not make too dry or too wet but sufficient to hold shape (consistency of Play-Doh).

STEP 2: Cut Zip lock or other plastic bag on 3 sides and place inside tortilla press to be used during the pressing process.

STEP 3: Form balls of dough, approximately 1 oz (slightly smaller than a ping pong ball). Place between plastic and close the Tortilla press to flatten the ball into a tortilla shape.

STEP 4: For the perfect Tortilla, after one “press”, rotate the plastic 90 degrees and gently press again.

STEP 5: To remove the pressed dough, open the lid of the press and gently peel back the plastic sheet from the dough disc. Repeat until all tortillas have been formed.

STEP 6: Tortilla should be even thickness and approximately 6 inches in diameter. Don’t worry if some break in the process, roll them up and press again. Practice makes perfect!

STEP 7: Heat pan or Comal until hot and gently place 3 to 4 tortillas on the hot surface. Cook for 60–90 seconds and flip to cook the other side. Stack cooked tortillas and keep warm in the traditional Servietta (cloth napkin). Serve immediately with your favorite Mexican Dish.

Recipe courtesy of Verve Culture, written by Sarah Laping Garland.