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Argyle & Stag Merino Wool Sock - Charcoal

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Inspired by the Scottish highlands we've combined the classic argyle pattern with a stag's head. A perfect gift for the gentlemen who enjoys the finer things in life.    Known for its ability to react to changes in your body temperature, our fine merino wool blend keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Blended with nylon to provide an impeccable fit, this mix is durable, breathable and soft.  We achieve a beautifully comfortable and almost undetectable toe seam by using traditional methods of hand linking.

In 1989, Corgi was awarded a Royal Warrant by HRH the Prince of Wales, and continues to supply him and other members of the Royal family with socks and other knitted goods. Made in Wales, UK.

  • Standard length
  • Hand-Linked Toe
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable for heavy wear
  • Made in Wales

Materials: 63% Wool, 37% Nylon

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SAMSON...A Men's Emporium Accessories Argyle & Stag Merino Wool Sock - Charcoal Kaufmann Mercantile

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