Mininch Screwdriver Bundle

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Includes a Tool Pen, a Tool Pen Mini and a Spinner Drive. Both Tool Pen and Tool Pen Mini apply the "Pop A Point" Rainbow pen and mechanical pencil technology to screwdriver heads. The multiple head types and sizes are stored conveniently in the body of a pen, making it easy to swap between them for any job. The spinner Dive is the minimalist solution that can make easy torque adjustments with ergonomic spinner wheel and smooth ball bearing. It will replace your precision screwdrivers, standard screwdrivers and T-handle screwdriver. Handles all kinds of repairs in one package. 


  • Tool Pen: Aluminum, nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy steel
  • Tool Pen Mini: Aluminum, S2 Tool Steel 
  • Spinner Drive: Standard Edition: Aluminum Spinner Drive and S2 Steel with Manganese Phosphate Coating Bits
  • Tough Edition: Aluminum Spinner Drive and Stainless Steel with Titanium Nitride Coating


  • Tool Pen: 16 bits / 150mm (L) x 17.5 mm (D) x 93 g weight
  • Tool Pen Mini: 22 bits / 133.5 mm (L) x 12.8 mm (D)
  • Spinner Drive: 20 bits / Spinner Drive: 91mm (L) x 12mm (D); Spinner Wheel: 12mm (H) x 50mm (D) 

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