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Weck Canning Juice Jar

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Now you can preserve, store, and serve liquids all in the same container. The Weck Canning Juice Jars are thick-sided all-glass jars designed for home-canned juice. The jar's spout-shaped opening makes for an easy, tidy pour, too.

Usage & Care: Before using each Weck jar, run your fingertip along the rim and the sealing lid to check for chips and cracks. A new rubber ring is required each time. Check these for cracks by pinching the edges between your thumb and forefinger and running it along the ring’s circumference. Any breakage in the sealing mechanism will prevent an air-tight seal from forming.

Just before processing, the lids need to be held in place by a pair of spring-loaded stainless-steel clamps. After the vacuum seal has formed and once the jars are fully cooled, the clamps can be removed and stored for next time.

To open the jars, tug at the rubber ring until you hear the seal release with a whizzing sound. The lids should lift off easily.

  • Materials: Glass, 100% natural rubber rings, stainless-steel clamps
  • Made in Germany

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